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Next Generation eCommerce

Posted by Darpan Munjal On August - 11 - 2009
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Wow! What an interesting year! This economy has had a sobering effect across all industries, especially the online industry! Several businesses that appeared to be immune to any down-turn are now thinking hard about survival. However, there are signs that the worst may be behind us. Little rays of sunshine are visible in the form of new ventures and start-ups that have done extremely well despite of the recession. I think the last 12-15 months have forced everyone to think hard about no-frills business models and getting back to basics. More than ever, these are the times that require a strong commitment, passion and a strong focus to get across the other side of this storm. I strongly believe that in the next 3-4 years, when we look back, this would definitely be a pivotal year for the online industry with highly sustainable and healthy online business models emerging from it.

I’ve been following the US and India eCommerce industry very closely during the last several years.  I have met quite a few talented individuals who are either in the process of or have already built a good online offering. However, I feel there is still a huge opportunity to take the online shopping to the next level and this may be just the right timing to go after that opportunity.

I have now decided to focus on building a next generation shopping portal for US and India market that combines the power of communities, user content as well as product customization in a game-changing way. I am looking forward to the journey over the next several months and I will be sure to post new learnings and insights in this blog as time goes by. Although I feel confident about the opportunity and the timing, I also believe that any successful venture requires a great team with complementary skills and a passion to win! I am in the early stages of building the team of individuals who will support this venture.

I am thinking of building a small team initially that will eventually expand as the idea scales. So if you are an amazing User Experience/Creative individual or if you are an expert in open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails or if you have strong experience in product/merchandising (especially customizable products) but most importantly, if you have the passion and desire to do something big in the eCommerce space – I would love to hear from you.

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12 Responses to “Next Generation eCommerce”

  1. Neeraj says:

    Hi darpan, good luck! Happy to chat and share notes on India side of things.

  2. Dhiresh Kumar says:

    Just found your Blog… Interestingly I am same boat where my focus area and exertise is too ecommerce…
    I am based in US and Driving many ecommerce initiate in US, India and Middle East…
    I will be happy to Discuss with you.. my Skype- dhireshk and US mobile# 425-274-6202

  3. Ashish says:

    hi darpan,

    i would love to discuss. share your passion and excitement about the online opportunities. am available on +91-9765565043

    cheers, ashish

  4. zorba-the-greek says:

    Interesting post and read! There is a huge demand and opportunity in taking the online shopping offerings and experience to a new level. I have been building ecommerce and community sites extensively on the open source platform. It will be a delight to explore more on the opportunities you have mentioned in the post. Send in an email so that we can touch base. Thanks,

  5. Manish says:

    Hi Darpan.

    I am Product manager from Oracle India looking out to venture into eCommerce space.I have a business idea but need some industry expert like you for guidance and may be for investment too :) Would be great if we can talk +91 9740511665 (Bangalore) or mail

  6. Manish Bhatt says:

    Hi Darpan.

    I am product manager from Oracle India. I have a business idea for a eCommerce venture but need guidance and possibly from an expert like you.

    Would be great if you can touch base. +91 9740511665.


  7. Rohan Monga says:


    Awesome what you are doing. I am actually trying to do something similar, but in the audio content space. Would love to chat.

    +91 99 2083 6037


  8. KK says:

    Hi Darpan,
    Impressed, I am in same space hunting for info… on financial transactions by online customers and its governing laws in INDIA.
    if you can share your thoughts ….


  9. Developing the right mindset is the most crucial requisite for success online and oftentimes the most ignored. In the world of affiliate marketing this area is commonly left up to each person to develop.

  10. Balaji says:

    Hi darpan,
    I’m a student doing my MBA in the U.S
    I have an amazing business model and have tested it by questioning random people.
    Everyone I’ve questioned, have selected my online business model over any other physical retailer as it is much profitable to buy stuff from me, if I implement the model.
    Would like to hear from you.

  11. RajkiranVeldur says:

    Iam an Engineering student, interested in startingup an e-commerce website,with a combination of social networking, in India. please contact me at 7396116706,, and lets share some ideas, about the same.

  12. Scott says:

    Review our site(s) and get back with me. We are close to releasing a brand new eCommerce platform, designed by our founder (a developer) who has gone from a revolutionary eCommerce start up to realizing the value of a platform with easy to learn architecture/code, able to manage multiple sites from one dashboard, with unlimited application implementation, unlimited!
    Scott Saunders
    Truly Networks Inc.
    949 310 8377

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